Smashing Book #3⅓ — The Extension: Links and References

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Chapter 1: The Missing Elements of Redesign: Story

The Smashing Book 3: The Extension Chapter 1

Written by Denise Jacobs, Reviewed by Aarron Walter


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Chapter 2: Rethinking Navigation: Techniques and Design Patterns

The Smashing Book 3: The Extension Chapter 2

Written by Christian Holst and Jamie Appleseed


  1. ConsumerSearch
  2. Laws of Simplicity


Chapter 3: Rework Your Content So It Works for You

The Smashing Book 3: The Extension Chapter 3

Written by Colleen Jones, Reviewed by Michael Driscoll


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Chapter 4: Responsive Smashing Redesign: A Case Study

The Smashing Book 3: The Extension Chapter 4

Written by Vitaly Friedman and Elliot Jay Stocks


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